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Beef Shin

Wonderful for a winter stew, add stock, vegetables and herbs for the perfect comfort food.

Chicken Breasts

Bone less and skinless, juicy and so very versatile.

Chicken Supremes

Bone less and skinless, juicy and so very versatile.

Chorizo Sausages

Our Chorizo Sausages brimming with lots of flavour.

Fillet Steaks

The perfect main course to cook for friends. It’s the finest cut of beef, lean, very tender and quick to cook. Season well before cooking.

Fore Rib of Beef

The ultimate cut for a Sunday roast, with Yorkshire pudding and gravy.

Haunch Bone & Rolled

Perfect alternative to the traditional Sunday roast. Its succulent and full of flavour. Try wrapping bacon around it to retain moisture when roasting.

Lamb Chops

Quick to cook, tender and juicy, best served pink. Team with spices for a Moroccan twist.

Leg of Lamb

Whole bone in or bone out, wonderful for roasting, meat is succulent and tender, score meat before cooking and push in herbs, garlic and season well.

Pork Belly

Cooked slowly in the oven, the fat will keep the meat moist. Great for roasting or try with a Chinese five spice rub.

Pork Loin

Beautiful and succulent for a traditional roast with apple sauce, a wonderful table centre piece.

Rolled Neck End

Best slow cooked. Bone in works well for lovely shredded pulled pork