Ordering Update:

Due to the level of demand we have had to limit to local deliveries and collection from Chart Farm only.

Local delivery is available within the following locations: BR1, BR2, BR3, BR4, BR5, BR6, BR7, BR8, CR0, CR2, CR3, CR6, CR8, CR9, DA1, DA10, DA11, DA12, DA13, DA14, DA15, DA16, DA17, DA18, DA2, DA3, DA4, DA5, DA6, DA7, DA8, DA9, ME1, ME14, ME15, ME16, ME17, ME18, ME19, ME2, ME20, ME3, ME4, ME5, ME6, ME7, ME8, ME99, RH1, RH19, RH7, RH8, RH9, SE12, SE18, SE2, SE3, SE6, SE9, TN1, TN10, TN11, TN12, TN13, TN14, TN15, TN16, TN17, TN2, TN20, TN3, TN4, TN5, TN6, TN7, TN8, TN9

We are doing all we can to get the correct products on your order for you.   There may be a slight difference in some things. 

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