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Beef Brisket

Wonderful marbelling. Slow cook on a low heat for pulled beef. The meat will be super tender and just fall apart. For an American Style meal team with homemade barbecue sauce and coleslaw in a bun.

Beef Burgers

Hand made by our butchers using top quality cuts of meat. Juicy and full of flavour. Great for the kids. Each burger weighs 110grams, each pack contains 4 burgers (440g).

Beef Diced

Top cuts of tender beef that work well in a classic stroganoff, casserole, stir fry, curry or pie.

Beef Mince

Essential on the weekly meat shop list, our mince is hand minced from top cuts of beef, its lean and full of flavour for the perfect Bolognese, hearty meat balls or mouth watering hamburgers.

Beef Shin

Wonderful for a winter stew, add stock, vegetables and herbs for the perfect comfort food.

Beef Skirt / Bevett

Best marinated then cooked on a high dry heat like barbecuing, grilling or frying. Cut thinly across the grain and served medium rare.

Calves Liver

Rich in iron and Vitamin B, delicious and healthy, work well with our smoked streaky bacon, onions and mushrooms.



Fillet Steaks

The perfect main course to cook for friends. It’s the finest cut of beef, lean, very tender and quick to cook. Season well before cooking.

Fore Rib of Beef

The ultimate cut for a Sunday roast, with Yorkshire pudding and gravy.

Ox Tail

Slow braise for soft melting meat. Very reasonable and full of flavour.

Ribeye Steaks

Great for steaks, smooth, tender and wonderfully flavoursome.