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Our Venison
The farm has over 1,000 deer, mostly fallow and sika. They are free to roam in a 400 acre, picturesque environment of pasture and woodland. The deer lead a natural life and are not interfered with when they are breeding or fawning. In the winter they are fed on hay produced from the same or neighbouring land. They are culled in the field and processed on the farm avoiding stressful journeys for the animals, in turn our meat is tender and full of flavour. Venison is extremely good for you - its lean and low in fat (even lower than chicken) and higher in iron than other red meats. It’s also low in calories, carbohydrates and cholesterol. It's good for your heart, offers twice as much iron as beef or lamb and is a valuable source of essential Omega 3 acids. More people are choosing venison these days over other red meats and chicken because of these outstanding health properties.
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