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Chipolatas Plain Pork

These are great for the kids with mash and peas.

Chorizo Sausages

Our Chorizo Sausages brimming with lots of flavour.

Gluten Free Pork Sausages

For our Gluten intolerant customers with lots of flavour.

Lincolnshire Sausages

Distinctive variety made with fresh herbs and perfect for the weekend fry up.

Plain Pork Sausages

Juicy and succulent great with mash and onion gravy.

Pork and Apple Cider Sausages

Made with good quality local apples, makes this a wonderful combination.

Pork and Jalepino Sausages

The hot and spicy jalepino works wonderfully with the rich succulent pork.

Pork and Leek Sausages

Great British classic, made with fresh leeks.

Smoked Venison & Jalepino Sausages

Oak smoked with a touch of jalepino, bold flavours that work so well together. Great for a winter dinner party.

Venison Sausages

Our Venison sausages. Great for a winter dinner party.