Christmas Opening Hours

Friday 17th December 0900-1600

Saturday 18th December 0900-1500

Sunday 19th December Closed

Monday 20th December Closed

Tuesday 21st December 0800-1700

Wednesday 22nd December 0800-1700

Thursday 23rd December 0800-1700

Friday 24th December 0800-1200

Saturday 25th December Christmas Day Closed

Sunday 26th December Boxing Day Closed

Monday 27th December Closed

Tuesday 28th December Closed

Wednesday 29th December 0900-1600

Thursday 30th December 0900-1600

Friday 31st December New Year’s Eve 0900-1200

Saturday 1st January New Year’s Day Closed

Sunday 2nd January Closed

Monday 3rd January Closed

Tuesday 4th January 0900-1600 (Back to normal hours)

Christmas Produce

Poultry Beef
Appledore Turkey – See below for size guidelines Rolled Topside
Rolled and Stuffed Bone Out Turkey Breast Rolled Sirloin
Farmed Ducks Rolled Ribeye
Capons (Big Chickens) Sirloin on the Bone
Beef Forerib
Game Beef Wing Rib
  Center Cut Beef Fillet
Pheasants Chateaubriand
Wild Duck
Pidgeon Sausages
Goose Pigs in Blankets
Quail Plain Pork
Venison Rolled Haunch, loin, diced Lincolnshire
Pork Gluten Free
Smoked and unsmoked Bone out Gammon Sausage Meat / Stuffing
Smoked and Unsmoked Bone in Gammon
Smoked Back and Streaky Bacon 240g Plain Pork
Unsmoked Back and Streaky Bacon 240g Lincolnshire
Boned and Rolled Pork Loin Pork Chestnut and Cranberry
Shoulder of Pork Bone in or Out Pork Apricot and Rosemary
Smoked/unsmoked Cooked Ham (not sliced) Pork Sage and Onion
Gluten Free
Smoked Salmon 200g 500g Whole Side
Whole Salmon Duck Fat
Salmon Fillet Foie Gras
Oysters (Not Shucked) Hens Quail Duck Eggs
Peeled Deveined Raw Frozen King Prawns 1kg Black Pudding
Greenland Prawns 1kg bags White Pudding

Bread and Veg are also available but not to pre order.